US TrustedCare is collaborating with ARM, a semiconductor IP company, to develop new medical devices for the accountable health care sector.

Under the collaboration, both the parties will develop firmware, software technologies and API which will be used for patients with chronic conditions by enabling the care providers with a secured, authenticated and auditable access to information.

Sage HealthCare ex-CEO Betty Otter Nickerson said: “This collaboration will alleviate the burgeoning issue of technology integration facing the health care industry by standardising communication interfaces and thereby significantly reducing the cost to integrate medical and wearable devices while at the same time bringing a new level of security and accountability in care delivery.”

"ARM is the most widely deployed processor technology in smartphones and wearables."

The technology will enable the recovery of patients at home providing them with a monitored wellness lifestyle.

It will offer the industry telecare standards in order to allow a seamless integration of the health care and wellness devices into a wide variety of health care management systems, significantly reducing current complex integration issues.

ARM health care technology director Shiv Ramamurthi said: “ARM is the most widely deployed processor technology in smartphones and wearables, devices we expect to be the main platform for securely gathering medical data and acquiring a patient’s biometric identity and consent.

“TrustedCare is a pioneer in remote monitoring and together we can help improve health care efficiency by enabling providers to gather trusted data, helping them make timely clinical decisions and deliver better care at lower cost.”