Verisante Technology has secured a Health Canada licence for Verisante Aura, a non-invasive optical system designed to detect of skin cancers early.

The optical system uses Raman spectroscopy to automate the current process of diagnosis, allowing for the rapid scanning of skin lesions.

The device can detect melanomas, basal cell skin cancers and squamous cell skin cancers.

Verisante president and CEO Thomas Braun said that Verisante Aura will help healthcare professionals to assess skin lesions, reduce patient waiting times and lower costs by detecting skin cancer at an early and most easily treatable stage.

Verisante will now have to pay a milestone payment of $120,000 to BC Cancer Agency, having obtained the Health Canada Licence.

The company intends to receive additional regulatory approvals in the EU and Australia by the end of 2011, after which it will pursue US Food and Drug Administration approval.