Swiss global healthcare firm Roche has introduced new viral load monitoring assays, cobas HIV-1 and cobas HCV assays, for use on the cobas 6800 / 8800 systems.

The new assays allows clinicians to manage the treatment of patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1) or hepatitis C (HCV).

According to Roche, in the next few months the new assays will be followed by cobas CMV and cobas HBV assays, which will complete the primary portfolio of viral load monitoring assays for the cobas 6800 / 8800 Systems.

The viral load portfolio on the cobas 6800 / 8800 systems will improve productivity in laboratories and help deliver results for rapid clinical decisions.

Roche Diagnostics chief operating officer Roland Diggelmann said: "The cobas 6800 / 8800 Systems represent the next generation of molecular diagnostic instruments that offer unparalleled performance, unmatched flexibility and absolute automation.

"The viral load portfolio on cobas 6800 / 8800 systems will provide laboratories with improved productivity and the ability to deliver results for rapid clinical decisions."

"By virtue of their design and clinical utility, the cobas HIV-1 and cobas HCV tests set new industry standards for viral load assays, delivering on Roche’s commitment to provide new diagnostic tools to advance the medical community’s understanding about viral disease and improve the ability to treat patients."

Viral load testing assays for new molecular diagnostic platforms are available in all countries accepting CE Mark, and are not currently available in the US.

Cobas 6800 and 8800 systems are available in medium and high throughput models, and are fully automated solutions developed for blood donor screening, viral load monitoring, women’s health and microbiology testing.

Based on PCR technology, the systems are designed to deliver increased automation and throughput with shorter time to results, providing users with greater testing flexibility to increase overall workflow efficiencies.