Westhouse Medical Services has purchased the US and UK patents for the Profemme breast cancer screening technology from Battlebridge Group for £500,000.

The mobile, non-invasive breast cancer screening device, named BreastCheck, utilises thermometry-based technology to monitor temperature differences in breast tissue indicating abnormalities and early symptoms of precursors to more serious conditions.

Westhouse Medical Services chief executive Jack Kaye said the breast cancer screening device will be a valuable addition to the company’s product portfolio, designed for both hospital and home use.

”Westhouse Medical is developing a low cost alternative which will revolutionise the economics of testing by allowing for easy, regular testing which can start at a lower age. It means more women can be screened more often, which we hope will save more lives," Kaye added.

The move follows the launch of an independent review in the UK of the NHS breast cancer screening programme.