Northwell Health in the US has adopted Technopath Clinical Diagnostics’ Envetec 200 system that safely neutralises infectious medical waste to reduce the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19).

The move comes as Northwell continues to accelerate Covid-19 testing. It can test more than 1,600 potential virus samples on a daily basis.

Technopath’s technology uses a patented destruction and disinfection process to concurrently shred and disinfect infectious waste. The process destroys all Covid-19 viruses along with all bacteria, spores and other pathogens that pose a danger to human health.

Furthermore, it requires no heat or no dangerous chemicals, while the resulting confetti-like solid residue is categorised as regular waste, which is safe to handle.

Northwell Labs executive director Dwayne Breining said: “The Envetec 200 technology exemplifies Northwell’s dedication and constant search for the very latest and innovative technologies available in healthcare.

“We have carefully evaluated our options to eliminate any potential risks associated with the new large-scale testing for Covid-19 being performed at Northwell Labs.”

Technopath’s system can process 300lb of waste in one hour. It can also manage almost two-and-a-half times the amount of medical waste currently generated at Northwell’s Core Lab in Lake Success, New York, US.

Technopath CEO and founder Malcolm Bell said: “The launch of the technology has coincided with the global Covid-19 pandemic and will be beneficial in the global efforts to combat the spread of Covid-19.”

Envetec 200 system is an advanced, environmentally friendly and cost-effective technology, currently available for the treatment of hazardous medical waste.

The regulatory approval for the system was fast-tracked when New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order, allowing a series of special emergency measures against the pandemic.