Nutriband has entered an agreement to manufacture the Diocheck technology, which aids in assessing Covid-19 antibody levels over an extended duration, from US-based company Diomics.

Based on the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-cleared Diomat bioresorbable polymer from Diomics, over 24 to 36 hours the test can identify if an individual has developed a circulating level of Covid-19 specific antibodies.

With a visual Covid-19 antibody indicator patch, the Diocheck Transdermal Test can help monitor Covid-19 infections as well as vaccine efficacy.

It can assess the important gap in time between Covid-19 vaccine administration and the development of protective levels of antibodies in the body of an individual.

According to present reports, this development of antibodies circulating in the body could take many weeks.

The test could also monitor if antibodies induced by the Covid-19 vaccine have declined and the user requires a booster vaccine shot.

Nutriband CEO Gareth Sheridan said: “This exclusive contract with Diomics to manufacture Diocheck allows Nutriband and our contract manufacturing subsidiary, Pocono Pharma, to showcase our capabilities with innovative new patch technologies.”

The Diocheck patch works when a person places it on the inside of the forearm for 24 hours. The patch can then be removed, although the area should continue to be monitored for another 24 to 36 hours.

A positive response leads to a change in the colour of the skin, visible through the Diocheck skin patch.

Resembling a nicotine patch, the test is anticipated to be efficacious for up to 14 days.

If unvaccinated users develop a positive response that is visible on the skin in the form of a small induration and/or erythema, they need to get tested further to confirm a potential Covid-19 infection.

If there is no positive response for vaccinated users, they are advised to undergo tests to confirm the effectiveness of the vaccine.

Diomics has sought approval from the US FDA for the Diocheck device.