NuVasive has expanded its complex spine portfolio with the worldwide launch of Reline 3D posterior fixation system for pediatric deformity.

The Reline 3D system is commercially available to patients within the US and European markets. It is expected to be launched in other countries in 2021.

The system, which extends NuVasive’s Reline system fixation portfolio in spine, is optimised to treat adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS). It is designed to offer simultaneous, three-dimensional deformity correction via a simplified procedure.

It combines existing deformity techniques that include multi-step, single-plane correction into a single holistic procedure, allowing surgeons to overcome current inefficiencies in the operating room.

NuVasive president Matt Link said: “Reline 3D represents a true procedural solution that increases efficiencies and supports a less invasive approach to addressing complex pathologies.

“As an innovative leader in less invasive surgery, NuVasive is committed to providing industry-leading procedures and technologies that enable health systems and surgeons to provide the same standard of care while reducing operative time and length of stay in the hospital. With this launch of Reline 3D, we have expanded this commitment to the AIS patient population.”

NuVasive’s spine fixation portfolio also includes Reline Open, Reline MAS, Reline Trauma and Reline Small Stature.

The company invested in the Reline system with increased capabilities and applications, spanning from open to minimally invasive surgery, designed to treat a range of spinal pathologies under single portfolio.

The less invasive, procedurally integrated surgical solutions of NuVasive are designed to provide reproducible and clinically proven outcomes.