Medical software firm Olleyes has announced a collaboration to integrate Tobii’s advanced eye-tracking features in its VisuALL ETS model.

The VisuALL is a VR visual field perimeter which has been designed for the standardised and mobile evaluation of the visual field.

It automatically analyses the retinal sensitivity in Glaucoma patients and in those with other visual disorders.

The VisuALL tests gather data by projecting stimuli on specific retina areas as a user interacts with the software of the device.

Olleyes stated that users who are unable to focus on the required visual cues might disturb the analysis and reduce the test results’ accuracy.

The VisuALL ETS stimulus remains constant with the same region of the retina regardless of user error by using Tobii eye tracking.

This increases the precision of the data and improves the ability of doctors to diagnose patients using an optimised device.

Olleyes noted that Tobii’s eye-tracking technology would further improve its VisuALL ETS’ capabilities in delivering a range of ophthalmic tests through the company’s patient-friendly and portable interface.  

The technology will enable more ocular tests, such as perimetry scans and ocular motility testing, to be integrated into VisuALL ETS.

Olleyes CEO Alberto Gonzalez said: “Our VisuALL Virtual Reality Platform (VRP) provides automatic, objective, and standardised visual function tests.

“Our partnership with Tobii will allow us to increase the accuracy of our technology even more.

“Tobii Ocumen has helped us quickly develop and deploy our product offerings and is a step forward in automating the remote assessment of visual function.”