Olympus has signed an exclusive agreement to distribute UK-based Alesi Surgical’s 510(k)-cleared Ultravision surgical smoke control system in the US.

Ultravision is cleared for use in laparoscopic and open surgery in the US. It suppresses the aerosolisation of surgical smoke and mist, using a characterised process of electrostatic precipitation.

Surgical smoke is a gaseous byproduct of tissue treated with electrical surgical devices that are used for cautery, cutting and ablation. It is hazardous to the health of people working within the surgical suite, if not managed properly.

The surgical smoke management system enhances visibility and stops the release of surgical smoke into the operating room. It also helps to reduce patient’s exposure to CO₂.

Furthermore, the system also offers a continuous clear visual field during laparoscopic surgery by accelerating the natural sedimentation of surgical smoke.

Olympus Corporation chief medical officer Ross Segan said: “Using an effective surgical smoke management device is essential to minimising the risk of exposure for surgical teams in the operating room.

“Healthcare professionals are rightly concerned about risks posed by bioaerosols, especially during the pandemic. However, we must find safe ways to continue performing surgical procedures, using minimally invasive techniques because of the significant clinical benefits this type of surgery offers patients.”

Using a smoke management device to reduce the risk of potential exposure to aerosolised contaminants is recommended by physicians and nurses.

The hospitals in two US states are already required by law to install local exhaust ventilation systems in procedure rooms to control smoke with other state legislation pending.

Alesi Surgical CEO Dominic Griffiths said: “Ultravision is the only technology that rapidly and continuously clears the smoke from the visual field without requiring CO₂ exchange and filtration. It is the only product that provides a maximum view with minimum carbon dioxide exposure.

“Given the immense resources and expertise of Olympus, this exciting partnership will greatly accelerate the ability of US hospitals to access Ultravision and provide its benefits to staff and patients.”

Recently, Olympus signed a definitive agreement to acquire Arc Medical Design from European pharmaceutical company Norgine.