Global technology firm Olympus has launched 4K-3D video microscope Orbeye to allow more accurate surgery by delivering high-resolution 3D images of structures such as tissue and blood vessels.

Orbeye has been developed by Sony Olympus Medical Solutions, which was formed in 2013 as a joint venture between Olympus and Sony Imaging Products and Solutions.

The ability of the new microscope to display the progress of surgical procedures on a 55in monitor is intended to eliminate the need for extensive viewing through microscope eyepieces, minimising surgeon fatigue.

The device also allows the entire surgical team to view the procedure and shortens setup times.

Compared to its previous model, Orbeye is said to be about 95% smaller in volume above the surgical field and 50% lighter.

Olympus America Surgical Division group vice-president Randy Clark said: “This 4K-3D technology can be offered to more specialties such as neurosurgery, spine, microsurgery, ENT, and cardiac.

“Orbeye is said to be about 95% smaller in volume above the surgical field and 50% lighter.”

“We understood that with such complex and lengthy surgeries, the technology would have to be innovative and groundbreaking enough to entice surgeons to make a change, and we were pleased to work with Sony through our SOMED joint venture to meet the challenge.”

Orbeye features two Sony 4K ExmorR CMOS sensors that provide images with high-sensitivity and low noise.

As the microscope decreases the delay caused due to the processing of large amounts of data by 4K-3D systems, it enables smooth view and manipulation of the target location with zero-image latency.

The firm has previously applied its 4K-3D technology for laparoscopy and endoscopy.