Olympus Medical Systems Group has introduced two new rhino-laryngoscopes, ENF-VH2 and V4, with video capability to ensure better visualisation during ENT procedures.

The slim and lightweight devices are intended for laryngological examinations specifically.

ENT specialists can use the laryngoscopes to identify lesions, while the devices can help speech-language pathologists examine the physiology of swallowing.

Olympus has designed the new rhino-laryngoscopes for more linear insertion relative to the patient, to minimise friction between the scope and the mucosa, thus facilitating smoother insertion.

Olympus FEES educator Stephanie Dodson Mataya said: “Probably the most exciting aspect of using video during swallowing examinations is that the patient becomes an active partner in the healing journey. The biofeedback mechanism is invaluable, allowing patients to see what’s happening as they swallow.”

The company added that the devices illuminate a wide area and show detailed, high-resolution images in the field of view.

Furthermore, the integrated Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) feature uses wavelengths absorbed by haemoglobin to highlight tiny vascular and mucosal patterns.

Olympus America Medical Surgical Group president Randy Clark said: “These new generation rhino-laryngoscopes not only continue to build on the outstanding imaging technologies and light modalities such as NBI but also improve the handling and ease of insertion, helping enable a better experience for healthcare providers and patients alike.”

In January, the company introduced the Spiration Valve System (SVS) to treat severe emphysema.

SVS is an umbrella-shaped endobronchial valve, which can be placed in targeted airways of the lung to redirect air from diseased parts to healthier parts and improve breathing.