Olympus has introduced the Thunderbeat Open Fine Jaw Type X surgical energy device for open surgery.

The device is a single-use hybrid ultrasonic and bipolar electrosurgical instrument that has been designed for open surgical procedures needing dissection of delicate and fine tissues, such as thyroidectomy or radical neck dissection.

It features a newly developed thermal shield that is designed to support safer procedures.

Placed at the distal tip of the Thunderbeat device, the thermal shield slows the transfer of heat from the probe to the exterior surface of the jaw.

This reduces the risk of unintended heat damage to surrounding tissue and vessels.

The distal tip’s slim shape helps with precise tissue management, such as fine dissection, firm grasping force, cutting and sealing to the tip of the device, and blunt dissection.

Olympus’ Thunderbeat Open Fine Jaw Type X device is part of its Thunderbeat portfolio, which offers ultrasonic and bipolar energy simultaneously.

The device is used for tissue management, such as hemostatic cutting and dissection, in laparoscopic and open surgical procedures.

It eliminates the need for multiple instruments during surgery, reduces operation times and improves efficiency in the operating room.

Olympus Surgical Devices Business Unit general manager and global vice-president Phil Roy said: “This latest addition to our differentiated THUNDERBEAT line of products continues to deliver on Olympus’ commitment to offering hospitals a full portfolio of Advanced Energy devices providing best-in-class functionality for numerous procedures and specialities in minimally invasive and open surgery.”

The company stated that the Thunderbeat device offers the output of bipolar and ultrasonic energy simultaneously.

This enables quick, hemostatic cutting, easy dissection, and vessel sealing and division.

The device will now be available in Japan and is expected to be launched in Europe, South Korea and the US next month.