Omron Healthcare has launched WheezeScan, the world’s first clinically validated automatic device for home-use to detect wheezing in young children aged between four months and seven years.

With the device’s dependable accuracy, parents can check whether a child is wheezing and take steps in accordance with the child’s doctor prescribed treatment plan.

A most common asthmatic symptom in children under five years, wheezing does not always sound the same.

WheezeScan can give an objective assessment of the presence of wheezing with its intuitive design.

Parents can hold the device firmly below their child’s right collarbone for 30 seconds and wait for a Wheeze or No Wheeze identification.

WheezeScan’s sleek and ergonomic, light and portable design helps parents to carry it at all times and eradicate ambiguity during breathing distress.

With advanced listening technology, WheezeScan can detect sounds in a child’s wheezing that parents might not be able to hear.

It has a diaphragm of micron-width material that identifies low-volume wheezing and the HD quality microphone with a built-in noise-cancelling system.

An onboard computer lets the device provide a clear reading.

The device pairs with the AsthmaDiary mobile app, which tracks wheeze episodes, aiding parents to log data of possible trigger factors, response to medication and analysing trends.

Parents can provide doctors with details about wheezing for tailoring the treatment plans.

Omron Healthcare Europe marketing director Lucía Prada said: “As a mother of two, I know how stressful it is having a sick child, and how powerless this can make you feel when you cannot figure out how to help them.

“WheezeScan was designed to give parents confidence in the adequate management of their children’s asthmatic condition.”