Oncologica has launched the new Prostatefocus cancer genetic screening test to detect prostate cancer in men.

The new test uses a simple saliva-based self-sample collection test kit and has been designed to detect the presence of faulty DNA repair genes. 

It has been developed to identify men who are at high risk of developing prostate cancer.

The test is offered across the UK through the company’s specialised medical healthcare partners, who also provide a pre-test consultation to explain the test process and implication of results.

Oncologica’s healthcare providers can provide the self-sampling kit or arrange for clinic sample collection.

The collected Prostatefocus samples will be sent to Oncologica’s UKAS-accredited laboratory for genetic analysis, and the results will be made available within seven days.

If abnormalities are found, the healthcare partner will schedule a post-test follow-up to discuss the results as well as the risk of getting prostate cancer and next steps.

Oncologica co-owner and scientific director Dr Marco Loddo said: “Better treatments have improved survival from the disease, but accurate screening for prostate cancer has proven difficult.

“Prostate cancer tends to grow slowly without symptoms, so men often present late with advanced incurable disease.

“Identifying men at high risk of developing prostate cancer means regular checks can take place so that if the disease develops at some stage during their lifetime it is picked up early.”

According to the company, 50,000 people are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year in the UK.

Last month, the company launched Allergyfocus, a new antibody allergy test that can detect 99% of common global allergies.