ONWARD Medical has performed the first-in-human procedure with its investigational ARC-IM Lead for the restoration of movement and function following spinal cord surgery (SCI).

Neurosurgeon Dr Jocelyne Bloch of the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois in Lausanne, Switzerland implanted the ARC-IM Lead.

This procedure aims to benefit a patient suffering from inadequate blood pressure control after SCI.

Dr Bloch said: “The shape and electrode placement of the ARC-IM Lead are unique, providing characteristics I have long wanted for my patients with spinal cord injury while exhibiting the same feel as the leads I have implanted for many years.”

The ARC-IM Lead, a crucial element of the ONWARD ARC-IM system, offers targeted electrical pulses to the spinal cord.

The ONWARD ARC-IM system is designed to provide ARC therapy to address several medical conditions.

ONWARD Medical has created the ARC-IM Lead to work with the ARC-IM neurostimulator. It is specifically designed for positioning along the spinal cord for stimulating the dorsal roots, with customised parameters tailored to each anatomical location.

The company is developing a collection of ARC-IM Leads with various sizes, shapes and electrode arrays.

These leads are intended for a wide range of indications, including improved blood pressure management, mobility, upper extremity function and bladder control.

In December last year, the company revealed promising interim results from the first ten people who were treated with targeted ARC-IM therapy to enhance blood pressure regulation after SCI.

ONWARD Medical CEO Dave Marver said: “The purpose-designed ARC-IM Lead will unlock our ability to optimally deliver ARC therapy to address many of the challenges faced by people with spinal cord injury.”