Orthofix Medical has launched its fiberFuse Strip, an advanced demineralised bone-graft solution containing cancellous bone.

The new fiberFuse Strip is a preformed bone-graft strip for posterior cervical, posterior lumbar and degenerative spinal procedures.

Orthofix has also announced the first patient implants with the new strip that comprises 100% natural bone.

The fiberFuse Strip comprises mineralised cancellous and demineralised cortical bone fibres, without any carrier, providing an ideal matrix for bone healing.

It creates a natural scaffold to allow for revascularisation, cellular ingrowth and new bone formation.

Orthofix global spine president Kevin Kenny said: “We are pleased to introduce this next-generation formulation in the fiberFUSE allograft line. The fiberFUSE Strip delivers a high-quality advanced bone-graft option in a convenient, easy-to-use strip preparation.

“This technology advancement was developed as part of our strategy to provide procedurally-focused solutions for spine surgeons and their patients.”

The fiberFUSE Strip is exclusively processed by MTF Biologics. Its validated aseptic processing method helps to retain the natural growth factors within the cortical fibres.

The fibres interconnect to form a pliable, cohesive graft, and the cancellous matrix component provides a porous scaffold. It allows ingrowth of vasculature, osteoblasts and mesenchymal stem cells.

Additionally, the fiberFUSE Strip can be rehydrated with the surgeon’s reconstitution solution of choice.

It is also noted that the new strip is for single use in the repair of musculoskeletal defects.

In April, Orthofix announced that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted 510(k) clearance to its 3D-printed CONSTRUX Mini Ti Spacer System.

The new system is designed to enhance anterior cervical discectomy and fusion procedures.