Danish hearing aid manufacturer Oticon has introduced a new range of custom hearing aids, Oticon Own.

A fully customised, in-the-ear hearing aid solution, Oticon Own has been designed to provide a discreet and personalised listening experience.

It has been developed using the company’s BrainHearing technology and is intended to support the brain’s natural way of working by providing access to more sound.

The device is claimed to be the first custom in-the-ear hearing aid solution in the world to include an on-board Deep Neural Network, which operates more like the brain.

Oticon Own offers a customised experience to fit different lifestyles and ear shapes, ranging from a complete shell to Oticon’s smallest invisible‑in‑the‑canal (IIC).

They are available in five different performance levels, styles and colours to match the user’s hair and skin tone.

The new hearing aids are designed with lifestyle considerations in mind, including the use of face masks and glasses, to make wearing hearing aids more comfortable every day.

They also help in navigating complex listening environments, such as restaurants and office meetings.

By reducing the listening effort, they allow the brain to complete other tasks.

Oticon stated that Oticon Own provides access to the whole sound world, enabling the brain to understand sounds by operating more effectively and naturally.

Oticon president Gary Rosenblum said: “Oticon Own features life‑changing technology that captures the power of BrainHearing to provide a personalised listening experience that allows people with hearing loss to focus on what matters most, with complete confidence.”

Oticon Own also offers the convenience of two-way, hands-free communication with select iPad and iPhone devices as well as direct streaming from selected Android devices.