US-based clinical-grade computational pathology solution provider Paige has secured CE mark for its Paige Prostate and Paige Insight solutions.

Paige Prostate is a prostate cancer detection solution, while Paige Insight is an AI-powered digital pathology viewer that enables crucial diagnosis, especially of cancer.

Currently, most pathology assessments are carried out by viewing glass slides with microscopes. If a second opinion is required, samples need to be shipped. Therefore, digitising the pathology offers favourable opportunities.

Pathologists will be able to view, process and collaborate on whole digitised slides from different sites and scanners through Page Insight. Furthermore, by leveraging the AI technology, there is scope for improved diagnostic quality and higher pathology throughput at lower costs.

Paige Prostate has achieved clinical-grade precision, showing equivalent performance in images taken with several scanners and on slides prepared at several institutions.

Paige CEO Leo Grady said: “CE Mark is an important milestone for Paige. Pathology practices around the world have begun to embrace digital pathology and can begin to realize the potential of the technology with real-time quality assurance, gains in productivity, and improved collaboration across sites.

“We believe in empowering pathologists with additional insights from these rich pathology images, so they can make more effective, confident diagnoses.”

Paige Prostate solution will enable pathologists to detect cancerous areas quickly, improving diagnostic quality and efficiency in the assessment of cases.

Moreover, the technology can be used for a real-time quality assessment of cases, leading to the identification of any diagnostic discrepancy.

A study that utilised Paige Prostate and the Insight viewer found that the solutions had effectively diagnosed the small, well-differentiated focus of cancer missed by several pathologists.

Such lesions are usually hard to detect and require additional studies, which in turn may lead to further expenses.