Life sciences company Patients Choice Laboratories (PCL) has launched PCR Saliva Covid-19 test for detecting the virus.

The non-invasive, safe, and reliable COVID+ Saliva Test provides same-day results and is as accurate as nasopharyngeal or nasal swab testing.

In addition, clinicians are at reduced risk as patients can self-collect their specimens into a vial without coming in contact with healthcare staff.

The company noted that the test has been designed to help employees return to the office and get students back to school safely.

The simple and easy test reduces the risk of cross-contamination of other saliva tests that need mouthwash. It also requires minimal saliva for testing.

Patients Choice Laboratories CEO Brad Moss said: “There is a need to open up workplaces, educational institutions, and entertainment venues so that employees, students, and spectators can take a step towards normalcy.

“Our COVID+ Saliva Test by PCR with same-day turnaround time is an accurate, swift, and non-invasive solution designed for self-collection.”

The COVID+ Saliva Test has a sensitivity rate of more than 95% in detecting coronavirus.
Laboratory homogeniser manufacturer and distributor Omni International is supporting Patients Choice Laboratories with its saliva-based test.

Omni International MD Pete Tortorelli said: “PCL’s saliva test utilises proprietary technology and collection kits developed by Omni International.

“Our Bead Ruptor Elite RUO test method has been successfully deployed in universities throughout the SouthEast US.”

Patients Choice Laboratories provides comprehensive services throughout the US. It offers toxicology diagnostics and innovative molecular testing services for urinary tract infections, wound infections, respiratory infections, nail infections, and pharmacogenetics.