HOYA Group division PENTAX Medical has received CE marks for its PENTAX Medical INSPIRA premium video processor (EPK-i8020c) as well as the i20c video endoscope series.

The new video processor has been developed with a focus on the needs of healthcare providers and is compatible with the company’s recent endoscope models.

It also sets new standards when used together with the new i20c video endoscope generation.

Said to be compatible with two connection types, the PENTAX Medical INSPIRA delivers good image quality with any of the company’s endoscope video processors.

With the new image processor, the legacy endoscopy portfolio can be upgraded to meet advanced imaging standards, allowing existing endoscope generations to meet the image quality of clinical needs for a longer period.

Additionally, PENTAX Medical INSPIRA combines the latest functionalities in one plug-and-play solution that can be controlled through a customisable touch panel.

Physicians can focus on key aspects, as the processor is equipped with new image enhancement functionalities and 4K image processing.

PENTAX Medical’s i20c generation of video endoscopes is designed with advanced ergonomics for healthcare professionals.

The endoscopes provide physicians with instant benefits thanks to their manoeuvrability, angulation, handling and further enhanced vision.

They feature a unique control body and lightweight connector designed for further optimisation of the endoscopic workflow.

PENTAX Medical global president Rainer Burkard said: “PENTAX Medical INSPIRA video processor not only upgrades legacy instruments’ imaging capabilities, in combination with our new i20c endoscope generation, it is a milestone for endoscopy.

“In line with our commitment to continually innovate products, this cutting-edge solution provides a future-proof platform and we are proud of the ground-breaking image quality it brings.”