Personal Genome Diagnostics (PGDx) has collaborated with Tesis Labs to advance cancer profiling and treatment by creating new genomics solutions.

Through this partnership, PGDx and Tesis Labs plan to combine their resources and expertise to create genomics products that will help to fight cancer and improve patient outcomes.

PGDx has developed a portfolio of regulated tissue-based and non-invasive liquid biopsy genomic products for health systems across the world.

Currently, the company offers three pan-cancer next-generation sequencing (NGS) kitted solutions, which consist of elio tissue complete, elio plasma complete and elio plasma resolve.

These solutions allow researchers and clinicians to identify biomarkers and profile tumours using advanced genomic sequencing within their own hospital systems and laboratories.

With labs in Houston, Lafayette, Denver and Colorado, US, Tesis Labs uses a genetically integrated medical platform for genetic sequencing and genetic data collection to support medical specialities.

The company aims to provide quality genetic testing and precision medicine to patients, as well as allow healthcare providers and physicians to create personalised care plans to treat each patient’s unique health risks.

Tesis Labs CEO Ron King said: “We are excited to partner with PGDx and leverage our aligned vision and collective expertise to enable new and creative clinical opportunities.

“Genetic sequencing and genetic biomarkers are revealing new opportunities for medicine. Our clinical expertise and approaches to unlocking the power of genetic sequencing are bringing new insights to cancer research, profiling and treatment.”

By 2040, the National Institutes of Health estimates that there will be nearly 29.5 million new cancer cases and around 16.4 million deaths from cancer each year worldwide.

The new collaboration will bring the specialised clinical laboratory and biotechnology teams together to advance cancer predisposition, profiling and treatment.