Royal Philips has collaborated with Japanese healthcare informatics firm Allm for the development of new mobile diagnostic, acute care and home care solutions.

As part of the partnership, Philips has also acquired a minority stake in Allm.

The partners will devise and integrate Allm’s mobile communications solutions with Philips’ emergency care and resuscitation products.

“As part of the partnership, Philips has also acquired a minority stake in Allm.”

Philips Japan president and CEO Hiroyuki Tsutsumi said: “This collaboration will enable us to build close relationships with Allm, a leading pioneer in mobile health, and to speed up the development of ‘in-Japan-for-Japan’ solutions via collaborations with local companies.

“Together, we will be able to accelerate the digitization of Phillips’ emergency care and resuscitation solutions, and to take patient-centred health management to the next level with mobile communication apps.”

The Philips portfolio of emergency care and resuscitation solutions includes automated external defibrillators (AEDs), advanced life support monitors and data management solutions.

The partnership is expected to boost these offerings with Allm’s next-generation technologies and medical communications platforms designed for mobile diagnostic solutions and acute and home care.

Allm CEO Teppei Sakano said: “Together, we can speed up the implementation and adoption of mobile medical solutions to streamline time-critical care delivery for better clinical outcome, workflow efficiency improvement, and tangible benefits to all stakeholders.”

Allm developed a smartphone application called Fast-ED to deliver in-field assistance to ambulances and emergency responders who needed to assess the condition of stroke patients in case of an emergency.

Its MySOS first-aid support and personal health record app is also meant to support emergency medical services and minimise medical treatment costs.