Royal Philips has launched its cognitive assessment platform Philips IntelliSpace Cognition in the US.

IntelliSpace Cognition leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and Philips’ cloud-based HealthSuite Digital Platform to help clinicians to assess cognitive impairment.

Designed to automate and improve the well-established neurological tests, Philips IntelliSpace Cognition provides physicians with insights to treat patients with neurological disorders.

Through the platform, physicians have direct access to detailed information about a patient’s cognition. Moreover, it offers clinicians with quantitative longitudinal data, which helps in the assessment of disease progression and efficacy of treatment.

DENT Neurologic Institute was the first neurological practice to use this platform.

DENT Neurologic Institute CEO Joseph Fritz said: “There is a real need for quantitative measures to assess the cognitive impairment of people with neurological disease. Computerized tools and intelligent algorithms offer new opportunities in this area to improve care.

“The depth of information now available and the efficiency with which we can perform assessments can be very helpful for providing feedback to patients and families sooner and developing treatment plans more quickly.”

The most crucial step for neurologists is to refer patients to neuropsychologists whose expertise is required for assessment of cognitive issues to provide timely treatment.

Treatments are limited for some neurodegenerative diseases, though it is still essential to act quickly so an appropriate treatment plan can be provided to patients.

While the amount of patients suffering from neurological difficulties is increasing, there is also a limitation in the number of neuropsychologists who can perform the assessment. The Philips platform aims to address this unmet medical need by providing healthcare providers with a cognitive assessment.

The patient undertakes several tests on a tablet under the supervision of an assistant and with the help of audio prompts on tasks such as drawing a clock, joining numbered dots or remembering a sequence of numbers.

The test results transfer to IntelliSpace Cognition’s cloud-based computing platform, where advanced algorithms carry out analytics, with results presented to clinicians.