Royal Philips has opened a new Sleep and Respiratory Education Center at the Philips APAC Center in Singapore, intended to better diagnose and treat of sleep disorders.

The move comes after results from a new study found that one in three Singaporeans are suffering from moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). It was further observed that majority of the identified patients were not previously diagnosed and treated.

Through the new centre, Philips intends to join international sleep and respiratory physicians and partners such as Singapore Health Services (SingHealth) to train healthcare professionals across the South East Asia region.

Philips Singapore country manager Ivy Lai said: “With the technologies available today, and advances in home testing, we aim to make it easier for people who suffer from sleep disorders to access professional help.

“We aim to make it easier for people who suffer from sleep disorders to access professional help.”

“Our centre aims to provide best-in-class education and training from the world’s leading sleep specialists to help address the current gap in sleep-qualified professionals in South East Asia, so that timely diagnosis and treatment can be provided to people who suffer from sleep disorders.”

The new building will include a 102m² facility dedicated to simulation of sleep diagnosis via mock-up of a patient’s bedroom for observation, a monitoring area for scoring and analysing data, and a doctor’s consultation room.

In addition, virtual reality will be used to mimic abnormal sleep patterns such as limb and rapid eye movements and respiratory difficulties displayed during the study.

Alongside diagnosis, the centre will also provide training on usage of Philips’ sleep and respiratory therapy technologies and solutions, as well as digital engagement tools.