Northwell Health, New York’s largest healthcare provider, has entered a seven-year agreement with Philips to upscale its patient monitoring platform.

According to Northwell Health, the monitoring platform from Philips will reduce the need for unconventional spaces being converted for patient care. Technology from Philips, including the Philips Software Evolution Services, will leverage the healthcare provider’s existing network infrastructure and support implementation of innovative technologies.

“With the new system, we wanted something that could leverage our existing IT infrastructure and allow Northwell to offer cybersecurity, while also building in redundancy with local availability,” said Phyllis McCready, vice president and chief procurement officer for Northwell Health.

Northwell Health joins other companies in planning for increased cybersecurity measures. The US Senate passed new legislation in 2023 that put cybersecurity front and centre of digital technology, and the FDA have issued guidance on new cybersecurity requirements for medical devices. An area of intense activity is patient monitoring due to the potential for a large leak of stored data. 

The healthcare provider expects that the transformation of its IT network will standardise systems, minimise manual tasks, offer a centralised view of patients, and harness artificial intelligence to power clinical insights.

“The new Philips system gives us an enterprise-wide platform that centralizes our patient monitoring and allows us to see what is happening at each bedside. The innovative approach is extensible and allows us to give the communities we serve the very latest technology, while helping us to deliver a better patient and staff experience and better outcomes,” added McCready.

The deal comes after a difficult year for Philips, seeing an operating loss of $1.7bn and a 3% decrease in order intake in 2022. The company has had multiple lines of devices recalled over recent years – most recently on February 9, 2023, the FDA issued an update about the safety of ventilators being recalled. The company will also scrap 6,000 jobs worldwide in coming years. Potential clients will be buoyed by more positive Q4 results however which saw 3% comparable sales growth, and market sentiment on Philips stock lately.