Stanford University spinoff company PhysioWave, in collaboration with OMRON Healthcare, has concluded a clinical trial of its PhysioWave Pro device that has been designed to assess cardiovascular disease risk.

The trial, which involved 200 subjects, was conducted in Kyoto, Japan.

It examined the capability of PhysioWave Pro in evaluating cardiovascular disease risk at home.

The device has the potential for use in monitoring the positive impacts of lifestyle changes or prescription medicines to avert and manage cardiovascular disease.

PhysioWave Pro, which is similar to a body weight scale, calculates the stiffness of the aorta, which is the main artery into which the heart pumps from the left ventricle.

Even though stiffness grows with age, excessive stiffness among people of similar age groups could pose a threat to their health.

It has been proved that increased vascular stiffness can foresee the development of conditions such as high blood pressure, or hypertension and a higher risk of cardiovascular disease in later stages of life.

According to PhysioWave, the Pro device is less expensive and does not need disposables to provide vital data within one minute.

The newly concluded trial substantiated the accuracy and reproducibility of the device in various subjects with different ages and body mass indexes.

Omron Healthcare executive officer Minoru Yoshimura said: “Omron Healthcare is exploring innovative technologies to help prevention and management of cardiovascular diseases for its ‘Going for ZERO’ vision, including collaboration with partners.

“The accuracy of PhysioWave’s vascular stiffness technology was excellent. We look forward to further exploration of cardiovascular measurement technology at home with this collaboration.”

Both OMRON and PhysioWave plan to explore new opportunities for the assessment of vascular stiffness in consumer settings.

The technology will be explored for identifying individual persons with a heightened cardiovascular disease risk and advising them to manage their conditions.