Cardiac imaging solutions provider Pie Medical Imaging has obtained NINSHO Medical Device Certification for its echocardiography software platform, CAAS Qardia, in Japan.

The certification enables the company to offer its CAAS Qardia solution to Japanese healthcare companies for off-cart viewing, analysis and reporting.

The platform is designed to provide efficient performance in analysing myocardial strain, evaluating diastolic function assessment, conducting stress-echo tests and performing PISA valve analysis.

It simplifies medical procedures by utilising artificial intelligence (AI)-driven workflows to automate critical clinical measurements and improve accessibility.

The emergence of automated calculation of myocardial strain, particularly its key clinical parameter global longitudinal strain (GLS), facilitates better assessment of cardiac function.

Pie Medical Imaging managing director René Guillaume said: “With this certification of CAAS Qardia, an easy-to-use and accurate tool becomes available for Japanese healthcare institutions.”

Rotterdam’s Cardialysis Core Laboratory chief medical officer Dr Ernest Spitzer is the first author of the CAAS Qardia myocardial strain validation paper.

It was found that it is possible to measure endocardial GLS using CAAS Qardia and that the obtained results are comparable to those obtained using commercial desktop software.

The study also concluded that the reproducibility of both using CAAS Qardia is similar to that of commercial desktop software.

In a statement, Spitzer said: “Beyond the implementation of a standardised method, the use of automation may soon expedite the increased use of quantitative parameters in clinical routine.”