Royal Philips has unveiled a new portable life support ventilator platform called Trilogy Evo, which can offer consistent therapy and monitoring.

The new device is intended to provide continuous care for patients with changes in condition or settings.

Trilogy Evo features the company’s sleep and respiratory care cloud-based management system Care Orchestrator. This software solution enables secure storage of prescription and therapy details, allowing coordination of care from hospital to home.

“The new device is intended to provide continuous care for patients with changes in condition or settings.”

Royal Philips Sleep and Respiratory Care business leader John Frank said: “Worldwide, chronic conditions are on the rise, presenting continually growing care challenges. Time and again, we have seen the positive impact that connected care can have not only on patients but on the care teams that serve them.

“With effective treatment options, chronic respiratory conditions can be managed effectively. Trilogy Evo is our next evolution of work in connected care solutions, making therapy management for chronic conditions easier and more efficient.”

The company is presenting the new device at the European Respiratory Society (ERS) International Congress 2018 being held in Paris, France.

In addition to Trilogy Evo, Philips has decided to showcase the Care Orchestrator and other sleep and respiratory therapy solutions, including NightBalance Luno, SmartSleep and its DreamWear range.

NightBalance Lunoa is a new lightweight device for the treatment of positional sleep apnoea, while SmartSleep is a wearable designed to improve deep sleep quality.

Part of the Philips DreamWear line, the latest DreamWear Full Face is intended to offer freedom of movement for patients.

DreamStation Go is a comparatively smaller CPAP therapy, and DreamMapper is a mobile and web-based application for PAP therapy.