Contract research organisation PRA Health Sciences has enhanced its Covid-19 Monitoring Program by collaborating with PWNHealth and Fulgent Genetics to provide at-home Covid-19 testing capabilities.

The capabilities will add to PRA’s current Covid-19 clinical monitoring, symptom reporting, and management services accessible on the patient-facing Health Harmony mobile app.

Through the app, employers, schools, payers, providers, and healthcare systems will be able to assist their users in managing their health and well-being.

PRA Health Sciences company, Care Innovations president Randy Swanson said: “Getting accurate diagnostic information into the hands of patients and their care teams strengthens patient relationships with their physician at a time when they need it most.

“Our remote patient monitoring platform and mobile health app, Health Harmony, creates an innovative connection to the most important part of any organisation – its people.”

With the app, users can connect medical devices to mobile devices for collecting vital signs and other medical data. They can also talk to their physicians through video sessions and receive educational content.

It also gathers data electronically and presents it to PRA’s monitoring centre with nurses.

Clinicians can then check patients’ health and provide appropriate recommendations remotely.

If clinicians suggest a Covid-19 test, patients can order an at-home testing kit from Picture by Fulgent Genetics via the app.

An emergency use authorisation (EUA)-approved at-home test built on RT-PCR-based technology, Picture by Fulgent delivers high sensitivity and specificity for Covid-19 testing.

The model will help patients to receive continuous Covid-19 care from home.

To enable this, PWNHealth will support Fulgent Genetics, which will supply the at-home Covid-19 tests, process the samples, and return the results to patients within 24-48 hours after receiving the sample.