Precise Bio has partnered with Carl Zeiss Meditec for the development and commercialisation of tissue-based implants for ophthalmology.

Under the partnership, the companies will develop 4D bio-fabricated corneal transplants for patients who require endothelial keratoplasty and natural lenticule transplants to treat keratoconus and vision correction.    

According to the deal terms, Carl Zeiss Meditec will invest in Precise Bio and provide funding for the further development of the latter’s two cornea transplant products.

In return, Carl Zeiss Meditec will gain exclusive global commercialisation rights for the products.

Precise Bio has developed a 4D bio-fabricating platform to fabricate transplantable organs and tissues.

The company brings together biomaterials, cell technology, engineering, bioengineering and 3D printing in the platform.

The 4D bio-fabrication platform enables the fabrication of tissues by printing a patient’s cells in a single-cell resolution and spatial accuracy.

This process allows complex organoid constructs, which not only have structural integrity but also long-term cell viability, to be fabricated.

Precise Bio’s naturally based and hyper-accurate 4D bio-fabrication technology is claimed to overcome multiple technology challenges.

The technology allows the production of large quantities of bio-printed tissues and organs in a reproducible, quality-controlled and low-cost process.

Precise Bio co-founder and CEO Aryeh Batt said: “This strategic agreement leverages Zeiss’ global leadership in ophthalmology and Precise’s innovative and unique 4D bio-fabrication platform technology.

“We are confident that the synergy between the two companies will allow us to develop breakthrough solutions for recovering patients’ eyesight, bringing hope to hundreds of millions of patients worldwide.”

Precise Bio’s ophthalmological product pipeline includes two cornea products and a retinal implant for age-related macular degeneration.

The company stated that all three products have shown successful results in animal models.