Prometheus Laboratories and Takeda Pharmaceutical Company have announced a partnership to introduce the CDPATH personalised prognostic tool for Crohn’s disease (CD).

The new tool is used alongside clinical evaluation by a physician to predict the risk of an adult patient developing serious CD-related complications.

These complications can include internal penetrating disease, strictures in the bowel or non-perianal surgery.

The tool uses blood tests and combines patient-specific serologic markers and genetic marker status with the CD characteristics of a patient to predict a low, medium or high risk for developing the complications over a three-year time period.

The CDPATH test was developed through a collaboration between MiTest Health, Takeda and Prometheus.

Through an independent clinical study, MiTest defined and established the CDPATH model’s clinical relevance.

Prometheus examined the model and will be the processing laboratory for the CDPATH programme.

Takeda will be responsible for providing the CDPATH test to US-based physicians.

The test will also be provided to eligible patients free of cost to support shared decision-making between physicians and patients.

Prometheus Laboratories president Mike Walther said: “We are pleased to partner with Takeda to make CDPATH available to healthcare providers and their patients.

“Supporting the launch of CDPATH is yet another milestone among our strategic initiatives as we continue to provide innovative clinical lab services to guide care from disease interception through therapeutic optimisation and monitoring.”

The CDPATH test is developed for adult patients aged at least 18 years who have been diagnosed with CD in the past ten years and not experienced disease-related serious complications.