Precision medicine technology company PROTXX and artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) product developer AltaML have partnered to augment the data analytics capabilities of the PROTXX precision healthcare platform.

The collaboration aims to enable PROTXX platform to support automated diagnoses of neurodegenerative medical conditions.

The platform is designed to replace expensive clinical equipment and time-consuming testing procedures for a variety of neurodegenerative medical conditions through an integrated wearable sensor and machine learning innovations.

Patients with a neurodegenerative condition suffer from impairments to multiple physiological systems.

The platform identifies and quantifies such multiple different impairments, offering easy-to-use low-cost precision patient assessments.

AltaML co-founder and CEO Corey Janssen said: “Our initial work with PROTXX will focus on developing solutions that address two major ML challenges in digital healthcare – classifying medical conditions, using relatively small data sets and enabling visualisation and explanation of ML diagnoses based on intuitive physiological features.

“The PROTXX sensors generate data well suited for ML, and we are excited to have this opportunity to accelerate time-to-market for PROTXX solutions that will reduce the cost and time required to make accurate clinical diagnoses and quantify patient responses to treatment and rehabilitation.”

PROTXX founder and CEO John Ralston said: “We are excited to announce our collaboration with AltaML.

“The application of state-of-the-art machine learning techniques for small data set classification and data visualisation will accelerate our commercialisation of innovative and scalable precision healthcare tools that improve the diagnoses and treatment of these and many other complex medical conditions.”

Earlier this year, the company announced the incorporation of its subsidiary PROTXX Medical Ltd to support product development and pilot deployment initiatives with local customers and R&D partners.