Minimally invasive treatments provider Pulmonx has reported positive data from the CONVERT study of its AeriSeal System in advanced chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)/emphysema patients.

The prospective, single-arm, open-label, multi-centre CONVERT study, which is being conducted at up to 20 investigational locations, has been designed to assess the AeriSeal System’s utility.

The AeriSeal System is used to close the collateral air channels in the lung lobes of advanced COPD/emphysema patients.

This makes the patient eligible to undergo Bronchoscopic Lung Volume Reduction (BLVR) with Zephyr Valves.

At present, patients with untreated collateral ventilation (CV+) in the lungs are not eligible for treatment with Zephyr Valves.

Once the targeted lobe is converted from CV+ to CV- and the treated lobe tests negative for CV-, patients can receive treatment with Zephyr Valves.

The Zephyr Valves are implanted to address hyperinflation of the target lobe, easing the symptoms of emphysema without major surgery.

The findings from the initial 40 participants in the study, conducted at Macquarie University Hospital, Australia, demonstrated that the AeriSeal System successfully closed collateral air channels and converted the CV status in 78% of the patients, who were then treated with Zephyr Valves.

At six months, the CV+ patients treated with AeriSeal and Zephyr Valves experienced clinically better improvements that were similar to the improvements in CV- patients who were treated with Zephyr Valves alone.

Other improvements, including quality of life, lung function and exercise capacity, were also observed in the patients.

Pulmonx president and CEO Glen French said: “This work reflects our continued commitment to developing and testing new medical technologies to help patients with severe lung disease breathe easier and have better quality of life.

“These early study results are encouraging and move us closer to the goal of helping severe emphysema patients who have collateral ventilation benefit from our proven Zephyr Valve treatment.”