Qiagen has unveiled its Cloud-based platform, QIAsphere, which will help laboratories and QIAstat-Dx users remotely monitor tests and instrument status around the clock.

Setting new standards for syndromic testing, the platform offers remote visibility of testing routine to the users. It can examine innumerable instruments, delivering visibility of testing routine across various hospitals or satellite labs.

Furthermore, QIAsphere users can check their QIAstat-Dx instrument and test status remotely and receive push notifications on personal devices such as smartphones, desktop PCs, and smartwatches.

QIAstat-Dx connectivity with the platform will enable QIAGEN technical service to check customers instrument health in real time, simultaneously offering them a quick response to reduced systems downtime.

QIAGEN Molecular Diagnostics Business Area and Corporate Business Development head, senior vice-president Jean-Pascal Viola said: “The launch of QIAsphere platform for QIAstat-Dx is a key step in syndromic testing, but above all for our customers, it is our commitment to make their life easier, their testing workflow more manageable, and our interactions faster.

“Digital diagnostics sets a new paradigm in syndromic testing. It addresses the growing need of bringing molecular PCR Covid testing closer to patients and to decentralised environments such as ICUs, emergency rooms, or satellite labs.”

Earlier this year, the company started marketing and distribution of QIAsphere for the QIAcube Connect platform and intends to extend it into molecular diagnostics with its syndromic testing platform QIAstat-Dx.

QIAsphere connectivity is made possible by connecting a small connectivity hub, QIAsphere Base (Qbase), to QIAstat-Dx, as well as other platforms, in less time through LAN or Wi-Fi network of hospitals, retaining sensitive data of patients within the hospital network.

Together with QIAsphere App, Qbase will enable real-time monitoring across all customer QIAstat-Dx analysers.

Last November, Qiagen launched NeuMoDx Flu A-B/RSV/SARS-CoV-2 Vantage Test in Europe to identify and differentiate between common seasonal respiratory infections and Covid-19.