Singapore-based healthtech startup Qritive has introduced QAi Prostate, an advanced artificial intelligence (AI)-powered prostate cancer diagnosis tool for pathologists.

By leveraging advanced machine learning (ML) algorithms, QAi Prostate can accurately identify prostatic adenocarcinoma regions as well as classify malignant and benign tumour areas in biopsy tissue samples.

Following identification and classification, the tool provides a detailed summary, which includes tumour size as well as the percentage for each slide or region of interest (ROI) for screening adenocarcinoma.

The new module is also capable of providing distinct segmentation boundaries to provide clear visual representation by separating benign and malignant areas.

It allows analysed key parameters to be represented in user-friendly graphical and tabular forms for easy use by clinicians and pathologists.

Upon uploading a lab’s cases, the QAi Prostate module can analyse and automatically initiate screening and triage, as well as prioritise cases for final review by pathologists.

Designed to work with any standard digital pathology system, the new tool can also be integrated into existing workflows using Open application programming interface (API) technology.

Qritive chief technology officer Dr Kaveh Taghipour said: “QAi Prostate has been developed using millions of data points and thousands of hours of expert knowledge.

“This technology has the potential to improve the accuracy and speed of prostate cancer diagnosis significantly, leading to better outcomes for patients.”

QAi Prostate has completed testing and validation for clinical metrics and reliability. It can be used for research or as a laboratory-developed test only.

The tool’s launch is part of the company’s ongoing commitment to providing clinical AI solutions for the diagnosis of cancer.