QuantLase Imaging Lab in the UAE has developed a new laser beam technology, which enables mass Covid-19 testing with results available in seconds.

The technology detects the virus as soon as blood cells are infected. The equipment features a camera that identifies a morphological change in blood cells.

QuantLase Imaging Lab researcher Dr Pramod Kumar said: “The equipment, which uses a CMOS detector, will enable mass-scale screening with results made available in seconds.

“In fact, our laser-based DPI technique based on optical-phase modulation is able to give a signature of infection within a few seconds. What is more, it is user-friendly, non-invasive and low-cost. We believe it will be a game-changer in tackling the spread of the coronavirus.”

An advanced artificial intelligence (AI) image-analysis model predicts the outcome of each image with precision, speed and scale, Dr Kumar added.

It will help large-scale Covid-19 testing programmes to analyse a large number of images with accuracy and efficiency.

UAE Minister of Health and Prevention AbdulRahman bin Mohammed Al Owais said: “We are always following innovations related to the early and rapid detection of Covid–19. The government is keen on supporting initiatives that help the healthcare system in the UAE.

“Health officials have been closely monitoring the progress of trials with QuantLase in order to test this equipment. We are proud to see a technology that works and that will help to protect our people better.”

QuantLase Imaging Lab is the medical-research arm of International Holdings Company. The lab is partnering with G42, an AI and cloud computing company, to further enhance the laser programme.