Diagnostic and interventional medical imaging services provider RAYUS Radiology has deployed the NAEOTOM Alpha CT scanner from Siemens Healthineers at its Palm Beach Gardens location in South Florida, US.

The new NAEOTOM Alpha CT scanner is claimed to be the first of its kind for patients in South Florida. It uses advanced photon-counting technology to significantly improve image resolution and contrast, which is expected to result in earlier detection and better clarity in diagnosis.

RAYUS Radiology CEO Kim Tzoumakas said: “The NAEOTOM Alpha from Siemens Healthineers represents a major step forward in CT technology and for RAYUS’ industry-leading imaging services line.”

In September 2021, Siemens Healthineers received approval for the clinical use of the NAEOTOM Alpha in the US and Europe.

Compared to conventional detectors, patients will be exposed to lower radiation doses, with a reduction of up to 45% for ultra-high resolution scans.

Furthermore, photon-counting CT will provide access to cardiac scanning for a wider range of patients, including those who might not be candidates for conventional scans.

Meanwhile, RAYUS Radiology has also installed Siemens Healthineers’ new MAGNETOM Lumina MRI scanner at its Redwood location in Taylorsville, Utah.

The modern 3T MRI scanner has a large 70cm open bore. Designed to reduce scan times for patients, the system will help increase access to quality medical imaging for patients and referring providers.

Referring to the deployment of the MAGNETOM Lumina device, Tzoumakas said: “RAYUS has always put our patients first, and the installation of a new MAGNETOM Lumina at Redwood is the latest example of that commitment.”