On-demand healthcare service Ready has announced new in-home rapid Covid-19 testing service, which delivers results in 15 minutes.

Ready uses the BD Veritor System for Rapid Detection of SARS-CoV-2. Antigen tests such as this one can identify the virus proteins in respiratory samples, similar to the specimens found in nasal swabs.

In order to increase access to extensive testing outside of healthcare facilities, the test can be carried out at home.

Apart from lowering the risk of potential exposure at hospitals or testing sites, the test delivers fast and convenient results to patients.

To carry out the testing, Ready sends a healthcare specialist with the personal protective equipment directly to the patient’s home or office to provide rapid and private testing and reduce chances of exposure and queues.

Many care providers are administering a PCR test, which requires lab processing and can take two to three days or longer to obtain results.

Furthermore, there are chances for exposure to Covid-19 during the waiting period, making PCR test an unreliable option for some patients.

Ready founder and CEO Justin Dangel said: “Receiving the call that you or a family member has been exposed to Covid-19 causes immediate stress and confusion.

“Being able to receive a test at home, receive results immediately eases the stress of that process — all without visiting a hospital or doctor’s office.”

Ready noted that certain airlines and places that require a Covid-19 test will accept the company’s Rapid Antigen Test.

It works by providing care to its patients at their homes or communities with the help of highly trained health professionals called responders.