restor3d has merged with total ankle replacement company Kinos Medical to expand its presence in the growing foot and ankle market in the US.

Patient-oriented 3D-printed implants developer restor3d aims to offer surgeons with 3D printing technologies, biomaterials and artificial intelligence (AI) to repair and rebuild the human body.

restor3d funded its infrastructure and in-house manufacturing abilities in 2018 to increase its implant offerings across orthopaedic and spine indications.

The company has products that are ready for regulatory submission while some of its products such as osteotomy wedges and cervical interbody fusion implants already received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration.

restor3d intends to enhance its medical device solutions utilising expertise in 3D printing of certain biomedical materials covering various properties.

restor3d co-founder and CEO Andy Miller said: “restor3d and Kinos share an uncommon, persistent dedication to science and technology in the pursuit of improving patients’ outcomes and healthcare, and I am very excited to have found peers in arthroplasty whose products reflect this.

“By merging the two companies, we will be able to apply our technologies to provide advanced solutions in new device applications that are outside restor3d’s current scope, first in foot and ankle, and then followed by other areas of medicine.”

Founded in 2017, Kinos focuses on translating and marketing Coulter Foundation-funded biomechanics research.

Kinos Medical CEO Brian Garvey said: “Kinos is focused on improving the surgical options available to preserve motion in patients with ankle arthritis.

“The Axiom total ankle is the first biomechanically accurate implant on the market, offering motion in all three anatomic planes, as is seen in the natural ankle.”

The Kinos portfolio is expected to complement restor3d, which customises pre-operative planning, implant design and intraoperative guidance for patients and surgeons.

The companies have not disclosed the financial details of the deal.