Roche has secured CE mark for its smartphone app that allows users to measure blood glucose level without the need of a meter.

Known as Accu-Chek SugarView, the app determines blood glucose ranges by taking photos with the smartphone camera.

The company said that the app is specifically designed to aid non-insulin-dependent patients with type 2 diabetes.

By utilising the Accu-Chek Active test strip and two photos from the strip from a smartphone camera, the app determines the blood glucose level in the body.

The app then analyses the result on the test strip via an algorithm that categorises the blood glucose range from low to very high.

Along with the blood glucose level, the app also provides users with information on actions to take, like exercise or eating.

Globally, approximately 463 million adults are suffering from diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is the most common form.

This CE mark will enable the company to commercialise its Accu-Chek SugarView app in Europe and other countries where the CE mark is required.

Roche diabetes care global head Marcel Gmuender said: “Non-insulin dependent people with type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes can gain a better understanding of how to live a healthier life through learning how their blood glucose range can vary as a result of their actions.

“Accu-Chek SugarView is an easy-to-use app. In addition, it bypasses the need for a blood glucose meter, making it a very affordable and convenient diabetes management solution.

“This is especially crucial in emerging markets with often limited access to care and scarce healthcare resources, as the app enables availability of relevant therapy information and support in everyday life.”

Initially, the blood glucose monitoring app will be available on the Google Play store for specific smartphone models only.