Roche has introduced its new molecular diagnostics system, cobas 5800, in an effort to expand access to testing and improve patient care.

The real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing system has been launched in countries accepting the CE mark.

It is a compact addition to the Roche Molecular portfolio and delivers integration, automation consolidation and standardisation.

The device has been designed to provide a complete workflow that is automated and includes sample supply, preparation and transfer, amplification, detection, result calculation, and delivery to the laboratory information system.

It enables laboratories to consolidate more than 90% of testing on a single platform.

Additionally, the system helps to improve productivity and reduces hands-on time, as well as errors.

By offering an expanded on-board capacity, the streamlined molecular testing system allows laboratories to test multiple assays simultaneously and provide up to 144 test results in a shift of eight hours.

It helps laboratories address challenges caused by increased patient testing requirements and the need for a diverse testing menu.

The cobas 5800 system provides timely results to laboratories of all sizes and helps clinicians improve patient care by determining the appropriate treatment quickly.

Roche Diagnostics CEO Thomas Schinecker said: “Diagnostics continue to revolutionise how providers care for patients, and it is essential, now more than ever, that the healthcare community has access to reliable and accurate testing solutions.

“This new system helps to address the high demands on labs through greater efficiency, optimised workflows and cost savings, enabling them to deliver quality patient care.”

The company stated that the new molecular testing solution offers the same menu as the cobas 6800, 8800 Systems as well as the cobas SARS-CoV-2 test.

Furthermore, Roche expects to receive approval from the US Food and Drug Administration for the cobas 5800 solution in the third quarter of next year.