Rockley Photonics and Medtronic have agreed to enter a partnership to develop the next generation of wearable healthcare monitoring devices.

The new collaboration is aimed at adding Rockley’s new Bioptx biomarker sensing platform to Medtronic’s solutions for use in several healthcare settings.

The Bioptx platform provides key insights for professional healthcare services.

It also provides an end-to-end sensing solution that integrates artificial intelligence (AI) and Cloud analytics to deliver a complete assessment of a variety of conditions.

Rockley has designed its biosensing technology to expand the wearable MedTech devices’ capabilities by fitting the analysis and measurement of various biomarkers into a compact form factor.

The technology aims to make a single wearable device that can monitor several crucial biomarkers such as blood pressure, lactate, glucose trends, body hydration, core body temperature and alcohol.

Rockley chairman and CEO Dr Andrew Rickman said: “This partnership combines Medtronic’s exceptional strength in providing in-patient care with Rockley’s expertise in wearable, remote monitoring.

“I believe that this collaboration will bring to life our vision of giving people better insights into their health and wellbeing.”             

The company stated that the collaboration with Medtronic builds on the societal shift from reactive to proactive healthcare by offering real-time, non-invasive, round-the-clock monitoring of the health and wellbeing of an individual.

This also allows clinicians to personalise healthcare with actionable data.

Recently, Medtronic introduced its NuVent Eustachian tube dilation balloon for the treatment of chronic, obstructive eustachian tube dysfunction.

The manually controlled balloon catheter system is developed to help surgeons provide treatment in an outpatient or office setting.