Safe Orthopaedics has signed a distribution agreement with medical technology and services company Wenzel Spine.

Under the deal terms, both companies will immediately start distributing Safe Orthopaedics’ ready-to-use technologies, which include MIS pedicle screws and vertebral augmentation technologies, as well as Wenzel Spine implants in the US.

Wenzel Spine is focused on offering minimally invasive surgical and diagnostic solutions, including S-LIF Procedure using VariLift-LX and S-ACDF using VariLift-C, to treat spinal disorders.

Separately, Wenzel Spine has also entered a manufacturing agreement with Safe Medical.

According to the terms of the agreement, Safe Medical will help design ready-to-use technologies and produce the company’s products in the CIPI in Fleurieux-sur-l’Arbresle, France, offering machining, finishing and packaging services.

Additionally, Safe Group and Wenzel Spine will evaluate the combination of Wenzel’s diagnostic and surgical planning technology solutions and Safe’s SORA technology, which provides surgery online assistance, assisted implant and instrument selection, and automatic replenishment.

Safe Group co-founder, chairman and CEO Pierre Dumouchel said: “The alignment of our vision and technologies will allow our US sales teams to offer unique solutions to our clients for better treatment of their patients, especially in the rapidly growing ambulatory or outpatient environment.

“Starting with distribution and manufacturing agreements, we expect to accelerate our short-term sales growth and financial performance. We will continue to analyse mid-term options to maximise synergies between Wenzel and Safe.”

Wenzel Spine intends to develop ready-to-use instrument sets for its implants and begin distribution in Europe.

Wenzel Spine co-founder and CEO William Wilson said: “As we continue to accelerate our growth, especially in the outpatient fusion market, Safe’s ready-to-use solutions and applications with Wenzel’s products will increase the value of our technology and service offerings to our clients and most importantly their patients.”