SAM Medical, a medical device company focused on the development of trauma care equipment, has launched a SAM IO Intraosseous Access System for pre-hospital and hospital healthcare providers.

The manually-powered device is designed as an intuitive alternative solution to intraosseous access. These multi-use drivers enable clinicians to easily administer critical fluids and medications into patients’ vascular system through the bone marrow during emergencies.

SAM Medical president Randy Reed said: “At SAM Medical, we are dedicated to bringing emergency medical professionals the most cutting-edge, innovative and easy to use trauma care devices.

“With the launch of the SAM IO, we are excited to offer a user-friendly, cost-conscious and more reliable option for providing quick and safe access to a patient’s vascular system when an IV is not feasible.”

SAM IO comprises a driver and a needle assembly. The needle assembly, including a stylet and catheter, is fixed to the driver through a snap-fit design, released through the soft tissue of either proximal humerus, distal tibia, distal femur (paediatrics only) or proximal tibia.

Once the needle tip touches the bone, the driver handle actuates, producing rotational control of the needle assembly. The cutting flutes of the catheter pierce through cortical bone until the needle assembly is introduced into the bone marrow. The driver and stylet are then detached from the catheter.

The system has secured US Food and Drug Administration approval and is now available in the US.

The company expects to expand its sales worldwide as soon as the system secures market registration in other countries.