South Korean corporation Samyang Holdings Biopharm Group (Samyang) has reached a partnership agreement with Chinese medical device company Hangzhou Yxintent (Yxintent) for the former’s biodegradable polymer filler, Lafullen.

Under the contract, Yxintent will exclusively market Lafullen in China. The product will be exported from the Samyang Discovery Center in Pangyo, South Korea.

Yxintent chairman Evan Wang said: “Samyang Group has a long history and outstanding technology, so the expectation for Lafullen is high.

“They intend to form close partnerships with Samyang Holdings to ensure successful entry of Lafullen into the Chinese market.”

As part of the deal, Yxintent will carry out clinical studies for Lafullen in China. After securing approval, the company will begin selling the product in the country.

Lafullen comprises a long-lasting biodegradable polymer substance known as polycaprolactone, which is said to have a duration of more than two years.

The biodegradable dermal filler provides natural volume and long-lasting effects, as well as improved safety and efficacy.

In 2021, Samyang received marketing approval from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for Lafullen.

The dermal filler’s long-term effects and safety data were published in a Scientific Citation Index international academic journal.

In April this year, the company also received approval for Lafullen in Indonesia.

Samyang is currently involved in talks for export contracts with several countries in Central and South America, in addition to Southeast Asia.

Samyang president Lee Young-joon said: “Yxintent possesses a large number of experts in the field of large-scale approval, as well as sales networks, so we anticipate quickly obtaining product approval and increasing market share in China.

“They intend to gradually strengthen partnerships in the medical aesthetics field, such as Lafullen and lifting thread product, Croquis.”