Sensoria Health and Genesis Rehab Services have formed the Internet of Me (IoME) Alliance to use Microsoft Azure IoT platform for aiding healthcare providers in enhancing smart ageing digital innovation.

Sensoria Health develops smart garments and artificial intelligence (AI) based wearable solutions to track real-time health and fitness information, while Genesis Rehab Services provides long-term care rehabilitation.

Sensoria plans to create an open ecosystem in distinct healthcare settings by using the patient centric IoME through its smart garments, microelectronics, mobile apps and Cloud infrastructure supplied by Microsoft Azure IoT.

In each setting, the Sensoria SDK powered by Sensoria Core device will connect to the patient and deliver real-time biometric data through sensing technology, creating the IoME.

“Microsoft Azure IoT Hub establishes reliable, bi-directional communication, enhances the security of IoT solutions, ingests real-time data and uploads files to the Cloud.”

Meanwhile, Microsoft Azure IoT Hub will be used to establish reliable, bi-directional communication, and increase the IoT security, as well as capture real-time data and upload files to the Cloud.

Sensoria Health co-founder and CEO Davide Vigano said: “Artificial intelligence and IoME are the best ways for researchers, clinicians, consumers and patients to quantify healthcare, through real life, personal, easily collected and measurable outcomes.

“Every sensor infused garment has the capability to become an ultra-wearable personal computer that transforms our biological and cognitive life into streams of data that can be monitored, shared and shaped into actionable diagnostic information with the help of a clinician.”

The combination of IoME connected microelectronic devices and Cloud computing is expected to advance huge volumes of patient data into AI and predictive analytics algorithms for generating healthcare values and facilitating personalised medicine.