Siemens Healthineers has reached an agreement with Scopio Labs for the distribution of the latter’s Scopio X100 and Scopio X100HT imaging platforms across the world.

Scopio X100 and Scopio X100HT provide full-field imaging and an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered decision support system with remote viewing capabilities.

These imaging platforms complement Siemens’ systems such as the Atellica HEMA 570 and Atellica HEMA 580 analysers.

Labs can use the combined platforms to achieve high-resolution, full-field viewing for peripheral blood specimens and AI-based morphological analysis with remote capabilities via the secure hospital network. 

Scopio digital cell morphology platforms enable the examination of patient blood cell samples digitally and remotely, rather than on a microscope slide.

These platforms are designed for use in the central laboratory, alongside haematology analysers. A haematology analyser is used to run a sample from a patient.

The X100HT and the X100 offer a throughput of up to 40 and 15 samples per hour, respectively.

The Full-Field Peripheral Blood Smear Application is currently offered for purchase in the US and European Union on both the X100HT and X100.

Siemens Healthineers Diagnostics head Sharon Bracken said: “By offering laboratorians access to novel digital haematology technologies in one of the lab’s busiest testing disciplines, we will be providing critical tools to optimise operational workflow and laboratory efficiency, accelerate diagnosis and improve patient care while addressing reduced resource capacity.

“The alliance between Siemens Healthineers and Scopio Labs is a step forward in delivering automated and digitised solutions that would redefine haematology workflow.”