German medical technology firm Siemens Healthineers has unveiled two computed tomography (CT) systems to aid radiation therapy planning.

The systems, Somatom go.Sim and Somatom go.Open Pro, deliver improved medical images for accurate calculation of radiation plans.

Radiation oncologists can use CT images to detect the target tumour, enabling accurate planning for treatment accuracy, as well as protection of surrounding tissue and at-risk organs.

Siemens Healthineers radiation oncology head Dr Gabriel Haras said: “We developed Somatom go.Sim and Somatom go.Open Pro in intensive cooperation with world-leading radiotherapy experts.

“I firmly believe that these systems will help healthcare providers to overcome challenges in planning radiation therapy and drive forward precision medicine in the fight against cancer.”

The CT systems feature an 85cm bore to support patient positioning accessories and ensure patient comfort. They also come with Direct Laser for marking a patient’s position for treatment in the CT.

DirectORGANS software is integrated into both Somatom go.Sim and Somatom go.Open Pro for automatic organs-at-risk contouring.

The software leverages a learning-trained contouring algorithm and specialised image reconstruction to optimise the CT images.

Furthermore, the Somatom go.Open Pro device has Direct Intelligent 4D technology to adjust the image acquisition according to a patient’s breathing in real-time during the scan.

Siemens Healthineers also announced US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for its ARTIS icono angiography systems range to enable minimally invasive procedures.

The ARTIS icono biplane system is intended for neuroradiology and abdominal imaging, while the ARTIS icono floor system is for vascular, interventional cardiology, surgical and oncology procedures.

The angiography systems use the ARTIS icono platform, which offers the OPTIQ image chain to redesign 2D image processing.