Dutch diagnostics corporation SkylineDx and German company NeraCare have entered a strategic partnership to advance precision medicine for early-stage melanoma.

The collaboration will work on the co-development of a test to help life science companies bring therapies for melanoma to market.

It includes an exclusive agreement for the co-development and licensing of NeraCare’s Immunoprint proteomic test which identifies early-stage melanoma patients who are at high risk of relapse and death.

Under the partnership, both companies will use SkylineDx’s global network, discovery and experience in validation to accelerate the development of Immunoprint. 

SkylineDx chief scientific officer Jvalini Dwarkasing said: “This partnership marks a significant milestone for SkylineDx as the world continues to move forward on personalised care and away from one-size-fits-all approaches to medicine.

“The team at NeraCare has made great progress in melanoma-risk stratification. Through this collaboration, we anticipate to accelerate the development of precision diagnostics and treatment for patients with this life-threatening disease.”

The Immunoprint test will allow the drug innovators to include only the patients who meet the specified criteria in their trial.

This will help in improving the trial’s success and rapidly bringing the drug to market.

The companies will present the archival validation data regarding the impact of Immunoprint for patient selection at the ongoing European Association of Dermato-Oncology congress being held in Rome, Italy.

NeraCare Co-Founders Daniel von Janowski and Friedrich Ackermann said: “We are thrilled to partner with SkylineDx as they have a proven research and development track record and success in bringing innovative diagnostic solutions to market.”