Smith & Nephew has concluded the acquisition of Brainlab orthopaedic joint reconstruction business to drive multi-asset digital surgery and robotic technologies.

The Brainlab orthopaedic joint reconstruction business portfolio comprises digital workflow tools, including for pre-operative planning, intraoperative navigation, post-operative evaluation and sharing.

This technology is used in more than 500 hospitals globally. It is intended to enhance precision and reproducibility to obtain required outcomes for both patients and surgeons.

Announced in March this year, the acquisition is intended to facilitate research and development in digital surgery and augmented reality for both companies.

Initially, Smith & Nephew plans to integrate the Brainlab technology into the next version of its surgical robotics system named NAVIO 7.0.

The companies will also work together to develop additional applications that would bolster Smith & Nephew’s digital surgery ecosystem, including orthopaedic reconstruction and sports medicine.

Alongside the Brainlab technology, the deal covers some intangible assets and also the orthopaedic salesforce, which will become part of the Smith & Nephew robotics commercial organisation.

The acquisition provides Smith & Nephew with access to multiple Brainlab technologies across Cloud computing, tracking, augmented reality, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, image fusion, and anatomical segmentation.

Meanwhile, the acquired company will be able to provide its digital surgery products to the ambulatory surgery market by leveraging the Smith & Nephew distribution network.

Smith & Nephew CEO Namal Nawana said: “This partnership with Brainlab is a critical driver of our digital surgery and robotic ecosystem. Together we will drive the development and adoption of digital technologies to dramatically improve efficiency and outcomes in the OR.”

The deal’s financial terms have not been disclosed.